November 15th, Thursday

Host: Natacha Alpert
09:00Grand openingJackie & James, FMNII
09:15KeynoteBruno Forcione, New Balance
09:453d Visualization - The Future Of Materials
Yazan Malkosh, Swatchbook
11:053d Design And Digital Creation
Brendon Marczan, Foundry
11:45Panel Discussion: The Digitalization EraLi & Fung Group, HP, Dassault Systèmes, Foundry, swatchbook
Moderated by Natacha Alpert
13:30Measured Materials in A Digital Workflow Using AXFGeng Geng, X-rite Pantone
14:00Revolutionizing Footwear with FitstationSarah Clevinger, HP Fitstation
14:45Data Driven Smart CuttingKing Wang, Emma CNC
15:35Footwear Innovation Starts from Material ScienceDr. Jiakuan Sun, Wanhua Chemical
16:05The Breathing Foot - Construction, Functionality, Comfort and SafetyPaul Bridge, SGS
16:35Panel Discussion: Sustainable SourcingCrystal Group, Lenzing, SGS & FMNII
Moderated by Natacha Alpert
17:05Cocktail & Dinner

November 16th, Friday

Host: Dr. Geoffrey Gray
09:00The Factory of The Future - Smart ManufacturingNatacha Alpert, Miras3D
09:30Ai-Driven 3d Foot ScanningAles Jurca, Volumental
10:00How Automation and the Digital Transformation of Product and Processes are Changing the Footwear WorldSergio Dulio, Atom Lab
10:50How Social Ecommerce help footwear brand develop domestic market?Rongrong Huang, Youzan
11:20Crystal’s Journey to SustainabilityKyle Chung, Crystal Group
11:45Panel Discussion: How Should Manufacturing Embrace Innovation
Crocs, Regina Miracle, CX Group, AtomLab
Moderated by Dr. Geoffrey Gray
13:15Retail/Consumer insightPatrick Kirby, KMPG
13:45Innovative By Nature - TENCEL™ for footwearBirgit Schnetzlinger, Lenzing
14:15On-demand Manufacturing and Mass Customization of FootwearYong Li, OLT Footcare
14:45Artificial Intelligence in The Footwear IndustryFlorian Gamper, ebp Global
15:35Digital Transformation Takes Footwear Companies to the Next LevelLion Qin, Centric
16:05AI-Based Gait Research & AnalysisQin Li, Sennotech
16:35Biomechanics and Fit for Footwear
Dr. Geoffrey Gray, Heeluxe
17:05Closing speechFMNII